I am a co-sponsor of House Resolution 1138 (HR 1138), which is a referendum allowing voters to decide whether or not the city of Chicago should be its own sovereign state. The United Kingdom experienced a similar undertaking when a successful referendum occurred allowing voters to decide if they wanted to exit the European Union (EU). The supporters of Brexit believed their values were underrepresented in government and demanded change. There is another initiative in California to separate the state into smaller units.  Many downstate Illinoisans share their sentiment that there can be a better way.

In response to an opinion article written in the Rockford Register Star on June 25, 2018, I am well aware of the economic and political issues that plague our state. Legislators are tasked with many responsibilities and represent a vast constituent base of concerns. A common concern I hear from constituents is the lack of representation of their values due to the political power amassed by the city of Chicago through gerrymandering.  I support mapping reforms but the entrenched Springfield leadership has stopped any efforts in that direction; therefore, as another method, I am a co-sponsor of HR 1138.
State Rep. Joe Sosnowski joined Governor Bruce Rauner at Children's Home & Aid in Rockford on Thursday to announce Illinois' first-ever Adoption Tax Credit.  Included in the new FY 2019 state budget that takes effect on July 1, the Adoption Tax Credit will provide assistance to adoptive parents who provide stable, loving homes for needy children here in the Rockford region and throughout the state; up to $5,000 per child.

The Illinois General Assembly approved a state budget for Fiscal Year 2019, which the Governor signed into law on June 4. While Illinois averted another unnecessary crisis by passing a bipartisan full-year state budget on time, the budget agreement falls short by ignoring the long overdue reforms that are needed to improve Illinois’ long-term fiscal health and generate economic growth. 

Specifically, Illinois needs comprehensive and constitutional pension reform, property tax relief and common-sense workers compensation reform in order to ignite private sector job growth in the Rockford region and across every major industry in our state. Until we act on these reforms, we are only treating the symptoms and not the causes of Illinois’ dire and persistent fiscal challenges.

With the new budget scheduled to take effect on July 1, let’s take a look at some of the highlights:
Rep. Joe Sosnowski enjoyed spending time visiting with members of Roscoe Boy Scout Troop 622 to discuss state government, constitutional rights and responsibilities.

BELVIDERE - State Rep. Joe Sosnowski enjoyed greeting local seniors at the Boone County Council on Aging Healthy Living Expo at Belvidere North High School on Tuesday. Rep. Sosnowski's office sponsored the free hot breakfast for seniors in the cafeteria. Rep. Sosnowski also had a booth in the gym offering state brochures and resources for residents of the 69th District.