The "Comcast Newsmakers" show came to Springfield this month to talk about important issues across the state. During Representative Sosnowski's interview, he discussed the probability of a budget and the Governor's stance on funding for colleges and universities.
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of General Mills today, the company held a grand opening for a new snack line. General Mills will now produce soft baked goods right here, in Belvidere. The Belvidere plant was chosen because of its strong relationship with the community.

General Mills has been developing the new snack line for the past year and will begin distribution on Monday. Thank you to both Belvidere and General Mills for making the world a more delicious place!
Today, Representative Sosnowski and Mayor Chamberlain were at Corrugated Metals Inc., fielding questions from community members and touring the manufacturing plant. "I just want to thank Corrugated Metals Incorporated, Mayor Chamberlain and the community for their contributions to a thoughtful forum," Sosnowski said.

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