Rep. Sosnowski Supports Comprehensive Approach

SPRINGFIELD – Legislation aimed at partially funding higher education in Illinois was vetoed by Governor Rauner today. Senate Bill 2043 was passed on a partisan vote promising to solve the FY16 appropriation funding lapse for a select few higher education institutions and students.

State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) was disappointed with the process that led to the bill being vetoed.

“The bill did nothing more than make a false promise to Map Grant students,” said Rep. Sosnowski. “It’s unacceptable and poor legislating to use students as political pawns. There was no funding mechanism in the legislation and it only covered a portion of the higher education community’s budget. A comprehensive approach to funding higher education was offered; however, the bill was ignored. At the very least that bill could have been considered for compromise.”
Files Legislation to Close Infectious Loopholes

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) has filed a package of bills that will save taxpayer dollars by reforming government through better transparency, efficiency and accountability.

“The status-quo has been worn out,” said Rep. Sosnowski. “The public doesn’t trust government to use their tax dollars responsibly. We need to rebuild that trust by making commonsense reforms that will close loopholes that continue to hurt taxpayers. The legislation I filed will accomplish that goal.”

House Bill 4509 focuses on closing a loophole that allows public pension spiking. For example, according to an article published in the Chicago Tribune, “This loophole allowed a former Bloomington human resources director to spike his pension from $92,000 to $113,000.”
State Representative Joe Sosnowski participated in a project with students from St. Anne Community High School to help bring awareness to government through technology. Michael Fauerbach, who teaches government at St. Anne Community High School, was seeking a way to get his students more actively engaged in government.

Mr. Fauerbach contacted multiple state and federal legislators to speak to his students. During the Skype session students asked questions about state government and how Rep. Sosnowski became interested in local and state government. Rep. Sosnowski thought the project was a great outreach idea and enjoyed connecting with the students through technology.