SPRINGFIELD - Today, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his second State of the State speech. State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) released the following statement in reaction to the Governor’s remarks…

“The Governor’s plan is extensive and lays out steps to compete with other states and actually beat them. The Governor has to deal with entrenched legislative leadership that refuses to come into the 21st century. It’s time to get Illinois moving.”

Governor Rauner is scheduled to deliver his budget address on February 17th.

Rockford… State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford) issued the following statement in response to the press conference held by city and county leaders in regards to the recent crime spree in Rockford.

“We absolutely need structural change in the budgeting process to ensure those most in need of services receive assistance, including juveniles heading down the wrong path. Mentoring and teaching our youth should be a focal point of our statewide policies; therefore, structural spending reforms are vital to overcome the current status quo. I stand committed to finding a bipartisan solution to the budget impasse, in light of Springfield leadership's decades of failed policies."

Public education in Chicago and around the state has been suppressed by poor fiscal management and riddled with conflicts of interest that continue to jeopardize the academic future of our youth.  As taxpayers statewide, we need to band together and demand accountability and transparency when investing in education.

As a father, taxpayer, and legislator, I see how these poor spending habits and choices are affecting the opportunities available for students to excel at obtaining a brighter future. There have recently been several public issues that should cause concern.

Today, Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti  announced the future growth plans of  Evac North America, a manufacturer for wastewater vacuums and treatment systems.

Evac is located in Huntwood Business Park, a property developed and owned by Ringland-Johnson Construction. The company provides wastewater treatment solutions to military ships and submarines, commercial cruiselines and corporations.

The Northern Illinois company say their 20,000 square foot facility will be expanded by 10,000 square feet, and hope to add 15 jobs to their 30 person workforce.

According to the United Van Lines 2015 Migration Study,  Illinois has one of the highest percentages of outbound migration in the United States. Illinois (63 percent) held steady at the No. 3 spot, ranking in the top five in outbound migration for the last seven years.
Today, the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force formally presented its final report to Governor Bruce Rauner.
According to the US Census of Government, Illinois has more local units of government than any other state in the nation at 6,963. Illinois also has the second-highest effective property tax rate in the nation.
Governor Bruce Rauner created the Task Force on Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates last February. It was charged to find efficiencies and ways to streamline local government functions to save taxpayer dollars. 

The Task Force convened 16 meetings across the state and conducted a comprehensive review of state laws pertaining to local governments and school districts. The final report includes a study on unfunded mandates and opportunities to streamline or eliminate governmental bodies and schools districts, and 27 Task Force endorsed recommendations. 

The Task Force endorsed 27 recommendations which resulted from the testimony of 33 experts representing government associations, nonprofit think tanks, researchers, and state agencies.

Click HERE to read the full report.