Rep. Sosnowski Receives Committee Assignments that could be Beneficial to the 69th District

Belvidere… As the legislature enters into the new 99th General Assembly, State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Belvidere) discussed his new committee assignments and the impact it could have on the 69th District. Rep. Sosnowski was selected to serve on five different committees that focus in on education, infrastructure, revenue, and budget appropriations.

“I am honored to have received some new assignments on key committees that deal directly with funding,” said Rep. Sosnowski. “These committees will give people of the 69th District a voice in funding education, promoting local infrastructure, finding new revenue, and approving a balanced budget.”

Rep. Sosnowski was selected to serve on the following committees; Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies, Revenue & Finance, Tollway Oversight, Appropriations: Elementary & Secondary Education, Appropriations: Higher Education, Executive, and Minority Spokesperson for Elementary & Secondary Education: Charter School Policy.

“Lack of new jobs and our spending problems have been strangling the state’s economy. Through my upcoming role on Revenue & Finance and education appropriations, I will work with my colleagues to improve the state’s operations and Illinois’ business environment. We must expand opportunities for everyone,” said Rep. Sosnowski.

Constituents can find more information on this cycles committee assignments by visiting the State website ( The website also provides a full calendar for this year’s spring session and committee schedule. 

Links below will direct you to the homepage for each committee:

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